Repository Checks: 4 new checks (Community, finance, legal)

Repository Checks: 4 new checks (Community, finance, legal)

Today we are launching four new repository checks.


The community around your project are the people you should care about the most. To checks are especially for this:

A contribution file describes how people can contribute to your project. This includes things like how to set up a development environment, how to execute tests or using standard git commit messages.

It helps newcomers to create their first contribution.

A community should be a save and secure place. A code of conduct is a document that establishes expectations for behavior for your project’s participants. Adopting, and enforcing, a code of conduct can help create a positive social atmosphere for your community.


Open Source is (normally) free of charge. This doesn’t mean, that people don’t want to support your project financially.

With a FUNDING.yml you offer possibilities to sponsor your project without getting in contact with you.

Making your project public is NOT the same as licensing your project. If you want others to use, distribute, modify, or contribute back to your project, you need to include an open source license.

It is one of the most important files of your project to be an Open Source project. Adding a license can boost the adoption of your repository.

Now online

Since today, all four checks are available in our Repository Checks dashboard.

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