Hello World, my name is sourcectl

Hello World, my name is sourcectl

Today, we are proud to launch the initial version of sourcectl.

What is sourcectl?

sourcectl is a platform to gain deeper insights into your source code repositories and engineering organization. It enables you to take data-driven approach to …

  • discover projects that have unused potential to grow
  • detect low hanging fruits to optimize
  • conclude your community and engineering culture

On top: It is always interesting to look at colorful graphs about things you have passion for 😉.

Who is sourcectl for?

It is primarily built for …

  • Open Source Maintainer and Contributors who run Open Source Code Repositories
  • Software Engineering Teams who want to make it easy to follow best practices on their Code Repositories
  • Engineering Organizations who want to introduce and improve their Inner Source and Engineering Culture

How does sourcectl look like?

sourcectl traffic dashboard of @andygrunwald

For more insights into our first version, head over to our first Changelog entry “Initial commit”.

How to get started with sourcectl?

Head over to app.sourcectl.dev, login, and integrate our app with your projects.

Get started now

Let us know what you think

We launched early to get early feedback. Head over to sourcectl/feedback to

Or simply 🐦 tweet us to @sourcectl.

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